China Ambassador tells UK to refrain from Hong Kong interference

China's ambassador to the UK, Liu Xiaoming, has called out the UK for interfering in China's affairs in Hong Kong. 

“The UK government chose to stand on the wrong side, and it has made inappropriate remarks, not only to interfere in the internal affairs of Hong Kong, but also to back up the violent law breakers,” Liu Xiaoming told reporters at a press conference on Wednesday. 

His statement comes as China on Wednesday expressed strong dissatisfaction with the recent comments on the Hong Kong protests, made by British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt.   

According to British daily, The Times, Hunt said on Tuesday that he expected China to honor the Sino-British Joint Declaration, a treaty signed in 1984 when Margaret Thatcher was the prime minister, and that "there will be serious consequences if that internationally binding legal agreement were not to be honored."

“In the minds of some people, they regard Hong Kong as still under British rule. They forget ... that Hong Kong has now returned to the embrace of the Motherland,” China’s ambassador to London, Liu Xiaoming, said in response.

“I tell them: hands off Hong Kong and show respect,” Liu added. “This colonial mindset is still haunting the minds of some officials or politicians.”