France to launch online platform for Britons to apply for residency permits
Prime Minister Edouard Philippe /AFP Photo

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe /AFP Photo

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe convened a special meeting of French ministers on Monday to ramp up preparations for Britain's exit from the European Union.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has announced that the Government will create an online platform where British people already living in France will be able to register for residency after Brexit. The Prime Minister's statement read: "The Ministry of the Interior will launch an online registration platform for British nationals living in France in October."

The website will be in English, according to campaigners for Britons in France, who have met officials at the Ministry of Interior. It is expected that the online system should hopefully simplify and standardize the process. The system will see people make the application online and scan in all relevant supporting documents. Applicants would then receive a receipt for their application and would only need one in-person appointment for the taking of fingerprints, which could be done at préfectures, sous-préfectures or possibly local mairies.

But from October, Britons will be able to make their applications on the online system, which will hopefully standardize the procedure across the country. This applies only to people who are already resident in France on Brexit day.

In recent months the French government and the British embassy have been encouraging Britons who have been in France for over five years to apply for cartes de séjour residency permits. The government has already announced that after Brexit all British people will need to apply for residency under the carte de séjour scheme that all third-country nationals use.

In the case of a no-deal Brexit there will be a one-year grace period, although applications must be received within six months of Brexit day. If Britain leaves with a deal there will be a transition period until December 2020, although that date may well change.

British people who already have a carte de séjour permanent will be able to simply swap it after Brexit, but everyone else will have to make a new application under new conditions.

Although the Prime Minister gave no further details, the French government has updated its Brexit website which gives guidance on the requirements for British people living in France.

Source: Office of the PM France