Many media outlets dispelling myths, misconceptions on coronavirus

African countries have stepped up proactive measures and enhanced their capacity to test for the COVID-19 virus. In the last week, 10 countries have announced that they have fully equipped laboratories able to test samples of the virus. Previously only two countries, Senegal and South Africa had the capability. They served all countries in the region.

The World Health organization says it hopes that by the end of February, 36 countries on the continent will have testing equipment. It has dispatched experts to Africa, to assist in surveillance and early detection.

Earlier on Tuesday morning, CGTN's Beatrice Marshall spoke to Kenya's national broadcaster, KBC, on the program Good Morning Kenya. She spoke on China's efforts in controlling the outbreak and also disputed claims of disregard of African students in China, stating the case of a student from Cameroon who contracted the virus in Jingzhou. That student was treated and all his medical bills were paid by the Chinese government. During the interview, she urged the media to avoid circulating unverified information.