Ethiopia confirms nine new COVID-19 cases

Ethiopia has confirmed nine new cases of COVID-19, bring the country's total number to 65.

The new cases were announced by Minister of Health Lia Tadesse, who said seven of the patients were Ethiopians, one was Eritrean and one was Indian. All the patients have records of foreign travel.

Ethiopia is one of 52 African countries that have reported cases of COVID-19. Africa has reported close to 11,000 COVID-19 cases, with over 500 deaths. Over 1,000 people have recovered.

While confirming that all the new patients have been placed under mandatory quarantine, Tadesse urged all Ethiopians who may have had contact with any positive cases to avail themselves for checks.

She reiterated the government's directive barring Ethiopians from public gatherings and urged them to continue taking such precautions as washing hands and social distancing.