Governor rescinds on claim states in good shape for COVID-19 response
FILE PHOTO: Maryland Republican governor, Larry Hogan./Reuters

FILE PHOTO: Maryland Republican governor, Larry Hogan./Reuters

The governor of Maryland pushed back against President Donald Trump's claim at his latest briefing that states are in "good shape" with ventilators and protective equipment.

Republican governor Larry Hogan acknowledged that states are better off than they were a few weeks ago, but "I think to say that everybody's completely happy and that we have everything we need it's not quite accurate," he said on ABC's "This Week" Sunday.

"Everybody still has tremendous needs on personal protective equipment and ventilators and all of these things that you keep hearing about," he added. "Everybody's fighting to find these things all over the all over the nation and all over the world."

As chairman of the National Governors Association, Hogan, along with the vice chair, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, called on the Trump administration on Saturday to give $500 billion to states in direct assistance to states as they respond to the coronavirus pandemic.

In recent press conferences and interviews, Maryland's governor has indicated that the Baltimore-Washington corridor is emerging as a new coronavirus hot spot.

More than 7,600 people have been diagnosed with the virus in Maryland and more than 200 have died, according to the state's department of health.More than 20,000 people have died in the U.S. as a whole, and more than 529,000 have been diagnosed.

Source: ABC