COVID-19 crisis and entertainment: Egypt
Hany Mahrous Egyptian music producer. /Social Media.

Hany Mahrous Egyptian music producer. /Social Media.

The coronavirus pandemic has not spared the music industry either, and artists are now being forced to shift gears to remain relevant. In Egypt for instance, artists are turning to online concerts for their fans. 

But one music producer has gone an extra mile. He is utilizing the internet to push new talent onto the market as CGTN's Adel El Mahrouky found out.

Two young singers are about to present their first online concert. Music Producer Hany Mahrous  giving them final tips before they go live.

As a young child Seif Magdy's first single was a national success.It paved the way for his career as an artist.

"People need entertainment to keep themselves busy. This is the second online concert we are presenting, for me it's also entertaining. I've been staying at home. It's the second time I'm performing this way. I am relieved that there is something that can keep me busy."

If it weren't for the obtaining pandemic, this might have been a live show attended by thousands.

For Taha, another singer, this is his first performance ever. "I feel great, I feel it's like an honor to my friends and family. I've never performed at a concert before, so I'm excited.­ It's great that we can present our songs to people, while keeping them safe during the coronavirus pandemic."

These online concerts present opportunities as well as challenge for upcoming artists.

"People now have more time to listen, evaluate and give us feedback. Whether good or bad that helps me a lot, because fans play a big role in a musician's success," Music Producer Hany Mahrous.

With common breaches to copyrights, Singers in Egypt rely mainly on concerts for income.

Performing online, might bring some income from advertisements.

But certainly, it cannot compare to the energy they discharge when performing in front of a live audience.