All people arriving in UK from 8 June must quarantine for 14 days
FILE PHOTO: The UK home Secretary, Priti Patel. /REUTERS.

FILE PHOTO: The UK home Secretary, Priti Patel. /REUTERS.

Travellers arriving in the UK from 8 June will have to tell the authorities where they will be staying and face spot checks to ensure they quarantine themselves for fourteen days, the home secretary, Priti Patel, has confirmed.

All new arrivals, including UK citizens, will be expected to fill in an online “contact locator form", including onward travel information. Failure to do so is punishable by a £100 fine.

Patel said:As the world begins to emerge from what we hope is the worst of the coronavirus pandemic, we must look to the future and protect the British public by reducing the risk of cases crossing our border.

"We are introducing these new measures now to keep the transmission rate down and prevent a devastating second wave.

"Arrivals will be required to travel directly from their port or airport of arrival, preferably by car, to an address where they must then self-isolate for a fortnight.

"The details they provide the authorities will allow them to be traced, if someone they travelled with subsequently contracts the disease, and public health authorities will be also be able to check up to ensure the quarantine rules are being obeyed.

"Anyone failing to comply could face a fine of £1,000. Patel said: "I fully expect the majority of people will do the right thing and abide by these measures. But we will take enforcement action against the minority of people who endanger the safety of others.”

If their planned accommodation does not satisfy the authorities, arrivals will be put up in facilities arranged by the government, the Home Office says.

SOURCE: The Guardian