CAF makes changes to match organization due to COVID-19
The Confederation of African Football (CAF) building is seen in Cairo, Egypt. /Getty Images

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) building is seen in Cairo, Egypt. /Getty Images

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) on Wednesday announced changes to the number of players in team lists and the rules related to match organization in case players test positive for Covid-19.

CAF said the decision was made to give teams "a sufficient number of players" to participate in the matches in the event players test positive for the coronavirus as they will not be allowed to participate in matches.

CAF permitted teams to increase the number of players by 10 in competitions where the regulations imposed a list with a limited number of players.

CAF also allowed associations to travel with an unlimited number of players which will allow them to replace any player who tests positive for COVID-19.

Following the rule changes, teams will have to make sure to have at least 11 players (including one goalkeeper and 4 substitutes) to play a match, regardless of the number of players that will have tested positive.

Despite these rule changes, the number of substitutes allowed on the start list will remain the same in line with each competition's rules.

CAF also set out the criteria to determine the result of a match should a team fail to participate in it due to the pandemic.

A team which fails to present the minimum number of players (11 players including 1 goalkeeper and 4 substitutes), will forfeit the match 2-0.

A team which fails to travel to the host country and/or venue of a match due to any travel or other restriction relating to COVID-19 will forfeit the match 2-0.

A host team that cannot organize a match or cannot has not been authorized by its government to receive another team will forfeit the match 2-0.

CAF's organizing committee will be consulted to take a final decision in cases whose circumstances are deemed exceptional.

The decisions come as a solution to the controversy arising from the CAF Champions League semifinal between Zamalek and Raja Casablanca. Raja had requested CAF to postpone the second leg after several of its players tested positive for the coronavirus.

The match was subsequently moved from October 24 to November 3, with Zamalek eventually winning on aggregate to advance to the final.

(With input from The Confederation of African Football)