China's top legislature opposes China-related clauses in U.S. Act 2022

A spokesperson for China's top legislative body Wednesday voiced firm opposition to the China-related clauses in U.S. Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2022, which was signed into law on Tuesday.

"Despite repeated solemn representations from the Chinese side, the U.S. side insisted on signing the 'Consolidated Appropriations Act for fiscal year (FY) 2022' into law, which contains a number of negative provisions concerning China's Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tibet and Xinjiang. It seriously harms China's national interests and grossly interferes in China's internal affairs. We firmly oppose this," said You Wenze, spokesperson for the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National People's Congress.

"The attempt of the U.S. to interfere in China's internal affairs, contain China's development and undermine China's national security and social stability by taking advantage of these issues will never succeed," he added.

You Wenze noted that China will firmly commit to safeguarding its sovereignty, security and development interests. He strongly urged the U.S. to fully recognize the serious harm of relevant negative China-related clauses and stop interfering in China's internal affairs. 

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