Russia does not pursue nuclear confrontation aims in Ukraine: chief delegate in Vienna

Russia's chief delegate to military security and arms control negotiations in Vienna, Konstantin Gavrilov said on Wednesday that his country is not in pursuit of any nuclear war-related aims on the territory of Ukraine, according to TASS news agency. 

Responding to the question on whether the issue of nuclear deterrence had been brought up at the Vienna forum, Gavrilov submitted that the Russian delegation's task was to convey the Russian leadership's message.

"This is a forum where we can explain to everybody that we by no means pursue any nuclear war-related aims on the territory of Ukraine," Gavrilov said.

He stressed that at the Vienna forum, Russia was determined to keep the focus on the activity of biological laboratories in Ukraine.

According to the report from TASS, Gavrilov also said he did not rule out that the Western countries might stage provocations on Ukrainian territory at any moment.

(With input from agencies)

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