Egypt football fans excited about World Cup 2022 in Qatar
The World Cup Trophy. /Getty Images
The World Cup Trophy. /Getty Images

The World Cup Trophy. /Getty Images

Egyptians are excited that the FIFA 2022 World Cup is about to start. Proud that it's being held in an Arab country for the first time ever, every one in the football-mad North African country will be proudly following the tournament despite the heartbreaking failure of the Pharaohs to qualify for Qatar. 

For the football loving nation of Egypt, the weekend sees millions of fans gather for game nights.

It's a frenzied occasion where supporters cheer their teams to victory or taste the agony of defeat.

Sunday is more special since all eyes will be glued on the long-awaited kick-off of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

"This World Cup is a big deal to all of us Arabs. It's an honor for the entire region to host the World Cup; we all want to see exceptional organization and a respectable presentation of what we can do. It's going to be a strong and exciting competition," says Adr Medany Football Services Provider.

As many can't afford to pay for cable television, many Egyptians will gather around big screens mounted to beam the tournament.

Designated fan zones in Cairo will provide an affordable carnival feeling as millions tune in to celebrate the Qatar World Cup.

With Egypt falling just shot of qualifying, supporters are now free to pick other teams to cheer.

"I'm super excited to watch the World Cup. Football has been my hobby for so many years. I have never missed watching a FIFA World Cup. I've been waiting for this one for four years. It is in Qatar so it gives me a different feeling, and it makes me sad that Egypt didn't qualify, this is a competition I would have loved to see my country participate in," Marwan El Nahas, Football Fan submits.

Another fan says that he is going to cheer for France, Belgium and Germany. He says that they are the biggest contenders in this tournament.

While another one says: "I think the World Cup this year will be a surprise. Messi could finally meet the expectations. I think Argentina is the most deserving winner this year. France will be brilliant of course, but I don't think they will get to the final. Messi should win the trophy before he retires. Argentina will give us an amazing football pleasure this year."

However Cairo is not the only city where the World Cup will be celebrated. Every town in Egypt will see Cafes packed to the capacity with football enthusiasts.

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