Somalia's foreign-trained troops begin returning home

Somali troops that have been undergoing specialized training in Eritrea started returning to their country on Wednesday as the Horn of African country intensifies its fight against terrorism.

The first batch of soldiers arrived in Mogadishu just days after President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud said they would be returning home.

The number of troops that were airlifted is yet to be ascertained but local media outlets have estimated dozens to have alighted from the plane at the Mogadishu airport.

As many as 5,000 soldiers were trained in Eritrea to equip them with better skills to combat militants that have been terrorizing the country for decades.

President Mohamud in his campaigns promised to crush terrorists, and has since taking power voiced his support for the contribution of communal vigilante groups.

The vigilante groups have been seen as a critical factor in recent gains recorded against al-Shabaab, including being driven out of strategic towns and areas within the country.

It is not yet clear when the returned troops will be deployed to the battle field.

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