Türkiye's biggest cities facing drought amid insufficient rainfall
Türkiye's biggest cities facing drought amid insufficient rainfall

Insufficient rainfall has caused severe drought throughout Türkiye, especially in the highly populated western and northwestern regions, according to data released Thursday.

Rainfall during the Oct. 1, 2022-Jan. 3, 2023 period dropped 31 percent compared to the previous same period across the country, the Turkish State Meteorological Service said.

With a 51.8 percent drop in rainfall compared to seasonal norms, Istanbul, a city of over 16 million residents, was hit the worst among Türkiye's major urban centers.

The Istanbul municipality reported Friday that the Alibeykoy Dam Reservoir, one of Istanbul's primary water sources, was severely affected, reaching only 18.29 percent of its capacity.

Ankara, the capital and second largest city, saw a 36.4 percent decline in precipitation, and the Aegean port city of Izmir saw a 41.7 percent decline, data from the meteorological service showed. Konya, Türkiye's "breadbasket" in the central Anatolian region, witnessed a drop of 50.3 percent.

Even the Black Sea region in the north, traditionally the area with the highest rainfall, saw a 17.6 percent decline, according to the data.

In a recent video statement, the Turkish Agricultural Chambers Union officials said that in 60 cities out of all 81, precipitation was insufficient to meet agricultural needs.

Source(s): Xinhua News Agency

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