Ghanaian-British model Adowa Aboah gets own Barbie doll

Ghanaian-British model and activist Adwoa Aboah got her own Barbie doll on Wednesday, ahead of Friday's observance of International Women's Day.

To mark the doll's 60th anniversary on International Women's Day (March 8), Aboah was unveiled as a “Shero” doll along with 20 other incredible women – from journalists to cycling champions – who actively inspire the next generation. In a bid to close the Dream Gap (when girls start to limit themselves from age five due to their gender), the brand is now focusing on diversity and inclusivity. “I want to help close the Dream Gap, so that girls don't have to question if they are smart or brave, and have no limits placed on their capabilities by society,” said Aboah.

Ms. Aboah, founder of ‘Gurls Talk' was introduced to her unique Role Model Barbie at Mattel in Los Angeles in the United States. Gurls Talk is “an online community for young women to discuss issues such as mental health”, according to the official website.

The doll is dressed in a replica of a Michael Halpern dress, a Stephen Jones Millinery for Halpern turban and Christian Louboutin shoes.

“It's just so nice them not knowing me and them taking into account all the things that make me, me, in terms of my tattoos, my earrings, the shape of my head and the freckles and the skin complexion and it's wonderful to know that although they have never met me, they have taken such great pleasure in making sure that it is a perfect, kind of representation of who I am”, Aboah remarked.

She wore the outfit on accepting the British Fashion Council Model of the Year 2017 Award, in honour of her global impact in modeling and activism.

The first outfit option for the Barbie doll.

The first outfit option for the Barbie doll.

The Adwoa Aboah doll also has another outfit, a casual look of a Gurls Talk T-shirt and leopard print skirt.

The first outfit option for the Barbie doll..

The first outfit option for the Barbie doll..

Mattel's press release says girl empowerment is “at the core of everything the Barbie brand does”, inspiring youngsters since 1959.

Ms. Aboah joins the likes of Beyonce, Diana Ross, J. K. Rowling, Heidi Klum and Jennifer Lopez, who have all had Barbie dolls designed after them in the past.

Adwoa was born in London in 1992. Her father was born and raised in Ghana before emigrating to England.

Currently, she's on the list of the top 50 female models by